Virtualization & Virtual Reality

Microsoft & VMware's Latest Updates & HTC's Vive Headset

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When: September 22, 2016
Where: Cyber Advisors
            7550 Meridian Circle North
            Maple Grove, MN 55369


Virtualization has proven itself in the marketplace as a cost-effective, highly-preforming solution for IT infrastructure. As vendors improve their products, the options available to increase functionality and performance grow exponentially. The two biggest players in this field, Microsoft and VMware, have recently made changes that can greatly impact the potential for their client base.


Microsoft’s Hyper-V 2016 (currently in pre-release) has added new features like ReFS and Host Protection that increase performance, improve security and expand disaster recovery options. These features, coupled with many more have made Hyper-V a strong and viable business product. Learn more in this part of the session. 

VMWare 6.0

VMware’s 6.0 release continues to enhance an already stable and proven platform. Enhancements to existing features like vMotion, vSAN, vSphere Web Client, Fault Tolerance, as well as to ESXi and vCenter itself have been made to continue to support the platform. In this session, we will explore these and many more feature enhancements to this industry leading virtualization platform.


htc's vive headset

The HTC Vive is one of the two prominent VR headsets currently on the market.  The headset itself immerses the user in virtual reality by combining two 1080x1200 screens at 90Hz to give high definition video less than an inch away from the users eyes.  This coupled with accurate 1:1 motion tracking in the headset allows a smooth feeling of presence within the given virtual experience.  The Vive also features motion tracked hand controllers which allows the user to have the feeling of putting their hands into the virtual environment.  The other large factor that the HTC Vive brings to the VR experience is the ability to do room scale tracking.  The tracking cameras that come with the Vive can be placed at the corners of a room and allow the user to walk around a large space in virtual reality.  This is coupled with a Chaperone system that notifies the user when it is getting close to a boundary so they can feel confident in their movements.  Overall the HTC Vive is a complete package that allows you to immerse in many different settings and experiences.