IT, OT and the Cyber Threats You Need to Know About

Operational Technology (OT) Webinar hosted by Cyber Advisors & Fortinet

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Speaker: Carlos Sanchez 

Fortinet Director of Operational Technology, Central USA

Carlos is a technologist with 32 years of experience in network, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure security. He specializes in simplifying complex business problems with a pragmatic application of technology. With a wide range of experience ranging from US Air Force, DOD contractor, and O&G IT security, he is known for securing critical infrastructure worldwide. He spent 15 years leading teams securing oil fields in the US and offshore assets Gulf of Mexico, Western Africa, Brazil, and South China Sea. Now with Fortinet, Carlos is part of the Global Operational Technology Team providing solutions and education to companies seeking to improve their critical infrastructure security posture.

Virtual Webinar: Thursday October 28th 11:00AM - 12:00PM CST

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In the past, IT and Operational Technology (OT) were generally two different divisions within the same business. This air gap was created between the two so they could not control each other, however this separation of power made it twice as hard for businesses to transform. As IT and OT are converging together and the air gap is evaporating, cyber threats and major security issues pose a real challenge to OT organizations. Join the Cyber Advisors and Fortinet teams to learn more about how to improve your critical infrastructure security posture.


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